martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

Re-enlistment Blues.

"De aquí a la eternidad/From here to eternity" Fred Zinnemann. (1953)

"The Re-Enlistment Blues". Merle Travis.

Got paid out on Monday
Not a dog soljer no more
They gimme all that money
So much my pockets is sore
More dough than I can use. Re-enlistment Blues.
Took my ghelt to town on Tuesday
Got a room and a big double bed
Find a job tomorrow
Tonight you may be dead
Aint no time to lose. Re-enlistment Blues.
Hit the bars on Wednesday
My friends put me up on a throne
Found a hapa-Chinee baby
Swore she never would leave me alone
Did I give her a bruise? Re-enlistment Blues!
Woke up sick on Thursday
Feelin like my head took a dare
Looked down at my trousers
All my pockets was bare
That gal had blown my fuse. Re-enlistment Blues.
Went back around on Friday
Asked for a free glass of beer
My friends had disappeared
Barman say, "Take off, you queer!"
What I done then aint news. Re-enlistment Blues.
That jail was cold all Sa'day
Standin up on a bench lookin down
Through them bars I watched the people
All happy and out on the town
Looked like time for me to choose, them Re-enlistment Blues.
Slep in the park that Sunday
Seen all the folks goin to church
Your belly teels so empty
When you're left in the lurch
Dog soljers don't own pews. Re-enlistment Blues.
So I re-uped on Monday
A little sad and sick at my heart
All my fine plans was with my money
In the poke of a scheming tart
Guy always seems to lose. Re-enlistment Blues.
So you short-timers, let me tell you
Dont get yourself throwed in the can
You might as well be dead
Or a Thirty-Year-Man
Recruitin crews give me the blues,
Old Re-enlistment Blues.

Posiblemente una de las películas que más me influyeron en la adolescencia. Descubrí la estética del blues y de la rebeldía.

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